Technician Advisory Board

Receiving feedback is how we grow.

Innovation comes from exploring multiple points of view to solve specific problems. Then, put the best ideas into action and see if they have the desired effect. That’s why we created the Technician Advisory Board at CLOUDWORK|PRO, so we can discuss and receive feedback directly from a group of professional technicians regarding current and upcoming functionality. We look forward to their continued participation in helping us shape the future of on-demand IT field service marketplaces.

Board Members

Carl Gittings – North Carolina
Ralph Bell – Texas
Scott Coffman – Ohio
Michael Firey – Oklahoma
Jeremy Griffiths – California
Luke Kempfert – Florida
Christopher Newcombe – Florida
Tim Orozco – Texas
Darlington Overo – Illinois
Paul Pryce – California
Eduardo Rodriguez – Texas
Ron Rydeski – New Mexico
John Wagner – Oregon
Nathaniel Williams – Ohio