Case Study: Unified Office

Gain access to a network of highly vetted, professional technicians.

Client Overview

Unified Office, a provider of VoIP and managed services to various businesses including Domino’s Pizza, specializes in equipping locations with necessary technological infrastructure. Their services are essential across the United States, requiring reliable installation and activation of equipment at diverse sites.

The Problem

Before partnering with CLOUDWORK|PRO, Unified Office faced significant challenges due to the inconsistent quality of contract technicians. These technicians often left job sites in disarray, performed installations poorly, and negatively impacted customer satisfaction. This inconsistency threatened Unified Office’s reputation and strained its operational capabilities.

The Solution

Unified Office turned to CLOUDWORK|PRO to streamline their installation processes and ensure a higher standard of service. CLOUDWORK|PRO’s platform offered access to a network of highly vetted, professional technicians equipped to handle complex setups, including VoIP systems and associated hardware. The platform’s robust dashboard facilitated efficient management and communication with technicians, ensuring clear expectations and accountability.

Implementation and Results

The adoption of CLOUDWORK|PRO led to dramatically improved installation quality and operational efficiency. Unified Office was able to manage a high volume of installations with significantly better outcomes:

  • Enhanced quality control with highly skilled technicians
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to professional installations
  • Streamlined communication and project management through an intuitive platform

Unified Office’s partnership with CLOUDWORK|PRO exemplifies how effective management of on-demand IT field services can transform business operations. By prioritizing high-quality technician sourcing and leveraging advanced platform tools, Unified Office not only resolved its previous challenges but also set a new standard of service for its customers.

“The shift to CLOUDWORK|PRO was a game-changer. We’ve experienced phenomenal improvements with the on-demand technicians provided. It’s all about the quality of technicians who step on site, and CLOUDWORK|PRO has consistently delivered excellence. Our team, especially during installations, has noted the professionalism and skill that surpass what we had encountered previously.”
– Brenda Magazu, Unified Office

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