Case Study: Trifecta Networks

Vet and deploy dependable contract technicians for fiber optic cable and CCTV installations.

Trifecta Networks Overview

Trifecta Networks is an IT solutions provider with a 20-year track record of helping IT professionals maximize returns on their technology investments.


Trifecta Networks frequently catered to clients situated in remote areas, requiring intricate and timely solutions, especially concerning Fiber optic and CC Camera troubleshooting. Disappointed by the limitations and offerings of other platforms, Trifecta Networks approached CLOUDWORK|PRO seeking assistance in the technician vetting process. Their aim was to find a field technician who not only had the necessary expertise but was also adept in communication and professional conduct.


Through CLOUDWORK|PRO, Trifecta Networks was paired with a technician who integrated smoothly with their operations, functioning as an extended part of the Trifecta team. The collaboration resulted in the project’s successful completion that surpassed client expectations while maintaining a competitive pricing structure. Throughout the endeavor, CLOUDWORK|PRO’s technician demonstrated flexibility regarding changes in project scope, ensuring the process remained transparent, efficient, and hassle-free for all parties involved.

“We would have never had the opportunity to form a partnership with such a talented and
professional contractor had it not been for the team at CLOUDWORK|PRO. Throughout the process, all parties surpassed expectations. The Vendor is highly professional, communicative, deeply knowledgeable, and provided the best service imaginable. Our end client was thrilled with the outcome of the project, and is excited to work with Trifecta Networks and the vendor for all of their networking needs at this location.”
– Pete Tremblay, Project Manager, Trifecta Networks

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