Technician Onboarding Requirements

If you’re a dependable field installation company or technician, we invite you to apply to CLOUDWORK|PRO! To ensure that every technician on the platform meets CLOUDWORK|PRO’s standards, we’ve created the Trusted Technician Program. By passing this program, it will signify to clients that you are a cut above the rest and can represent them professionally on the job site.

Below is a list of requirements you will have to accomplish in order to pass the Trusted Technician Program. Please take some time to collect the required items and then start the onboarding process. if you’d like helpful tips on the onboarding process and building your profile, you can watch our technician profile-building video.

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Profile Photo

Help clients know who to expect on-site by uploading a photo of yourself. This must be a clear and in-focus headshot or selfie. Please no logos, avatars, or other items.

Work Snapshots

Upload 3-5 photos highlighting the quality and craftsmanship of your previous jobs. Please label the photos so the clients know the work you’ve completed.


Share a personal summary highlighting your expertise. Talk about the number of years you’ve been in the field, projects you’ve completed, greatest work accomplishments, etc.

Type of Work

This is the primary filter for our work orders. Be sure to include all of the Types of Work that you are skilled to complete.


These are bonus skillsets that clients seek for specific jobs. Be sure to include all of the skills that you possess, adding more as you gain competency and experience.

General Liability Insurance

Every technician in CLOUDWORK|PRO’s network must carry and provide proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance (not “Professional Liability”) in the amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence. Please prepare and be ready to upload a Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing CLOUDWORK|PRO as the certificate holder.

• Certificate of Insurance (COI)
• A minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence
• CLOUDWORK|PRO must be listed as certificate holder:


750 NW Charbonneau, Suite 201
Bend OR 97703

Where can I get general liability insurance?

Please start by contacting your current insurance provider, or you can visit our insurance support page.

If you have other insurance questions, please contact us.

Feel free to email CLOUDWORK|PRO at or give us a call at 541-275-1200.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance (Company Owner)

If you are a company that is required to carry worker’s compensation insurance based on your jurisdiction, you must upload proof of that worker’s compensation policy. If you are exempt from worker’s compensation coverage, you must sign a statement affirming your exemption during your setup in the CLOUDWORK|PRO platform.

Where can I get worker’s comp insurance?

Please start by contacting your current insurance provider to obtain your worker’s comp insurance.

If you have other insurance questions, please contact us.

Feel free to email CLOUDWORK|PRO at or give us a call at 541-275-1200.


Through the app/webpage, you will be prompted to schedule an interview by selecting a time that works best for you. At the time of the appointment, our team will call you at the number you’ve provided. If for any reason you will not be available, please reach out to us or use the link to reschedule.

Background Check

After passing the interview, CLOUDWORK|PRO will conduct a background check. To do this, your social security number will be required. The background check will run reports on the National Criminal Database, Sex Offender Registry, and the Terrorist Watch List.

Have all of your requirements? Onboard today!