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Scale your contract IT field service workforce for national work orders.

CLOUDWORK|PRO – Your Alternative for Sourcing National Field Technicians

Are you searching for a reliable solution to manage nationwide IT field service needs? Discover CLOUDWORK|PRO – your gateway to a vast network of top-tier, on-demand technicians, ready to elevate your technology installations.

At CLOUDWORK|PRO, we understand the critical nature of your national technology projects. That’s why our IT service marketplace is curated to connect you with a pool of thoroughly vetted, career-driven IT field technicians spanning the nation. They’re not just skilled; they’re committed to scaling and adapting to your specific requirements. Deploying a CLOUDWORK|PRO technician means deploying confidence – your brand and mission are in capable hands.

Diverse Technological Expertise at Your Fingertips

Our network of field technicians isn’t just extensive; it’s diverse in skills and experience. They are proficient in installing and configuring a wide range of technologies, ensuring your project’s success, no matter the complexity. This includes:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Access Control Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • All Types of Networks
  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Kiosks & ATMs
  • IoT Devices
  • POTS Replacement
  • And much more!

Why Wait? Experience Efficiency and Expertise with CLOUDWORK|PRO

Don’t let your next hardware installation be a challenge. Let our skilled technicians provide the efficient, expert service your business deserves. Sign up for a demo of CLOUDWORK|PRO today and witness firsthand the future of streamlined IT field service management.

Elevate your IT field services with CLOUDWORK|PRO – where expertise meets efficiency.

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“We would have never had the opportunity to form a partnership with such a talented and professional contractor had it not been for the team at CLOUDWORK|PRO. Throughout the process, all parties surpassed expectations. The technician was highly professional, communicative, knowledgeable, and provided the best service imaginable. Our end client was thrilled with the project’s outcome and is excited to work with Trifecta Networks and the technician for all their networking needs.”

– Pete Tremblay, Project Manager, Trifecta Networks


Step 1: Post Jobs & Hire Vetted Techs
Create work orders and our matching algorithm will suggest the best techs for the job location and skills required.

Step 2: Comms & Track Progress
Communicate with techs via phone, in-app messaging, or video chat while tracking their location and job progress.

Step 3: Approve & Pay Technicians
Review and approve the technician’s deliverables and pay them directly through CLOUDWORK|PRO.


Vetted Technicians

Say good-bye to unreliable, less-than-professional techs. Our experienced, pre-qualified workforce ensures that successful jobs are your new norm.


Our techs are technology experts—but you don’t have to be. The CloudWork Pro platform is intuitive and user friendly.

No Pre-pay

Clients can say goodbye to marketplace pre-payments as CLOUDWORK|PRO is pay-as-you-go with ACH or credit cards.


Overall Five Star Rating


Positive Experience Rating


Tech On-Time Rating

trusted technician program logo

Our Trusted Technician Program ensures that our technicians meet or exceed expectations when representing your company at the site location.

Past Work Review

 Technicians go through an interview process where we review their skills, past work, certifications, and history.

Background Check

Background checks are mandatory for every technician in order to be admitted to the on-demand marketplace.

Performance Rating

Ratings, reviews, and qualifications are at your fingertips for every technician, ensuring you’ll have the right hands on site.

Code of Conduct

All the technicians have agreed to a documented Code of Conduct that defines marketplace policies and professionalism.

CLOUDWORK|PRO Marketplace Services


Service Calls



Site Surveys

your on-demand workforce page

Your On-Demand Workforce™, custom built for you.

We’ve taken the heavy lifting of filtering, sorting, testing and selecting technicians off your plate by creating what we call “Your On-Demand Workforce™”. Our intelligent field service operations platform automates the matching of technicians to your projects so you’ll be able to dispatch faster. You can also customize the team with your favorite technicians or block technicians that don’t fit your project needs. Blended workforces are the future of field services and we are here to help you take the leap forward.

Access Real-time Collaboration & Status Updates

The platform’s direct messaging and notifications are key for keeping everyone up-to-date and in the know regarding the status of projects. Track the status of every work order or just monitor projects for issues and collaborate with your techs in the field in real time. If you need some additional project management support for large rollouts we can help you there too.

instant communication
your on-demand workforce page

Nationwide Coverage for US and Canada

When you need professional and dependable contract IT service technicians for national multi-site rollouts or one-off locations, you can count on CLOUDWORK|PRO’s on-demand marketplace to have what you’re looking for. We’ve put our focus on the quality of our techs rather than quantity, so you can source and dispatch with confidence and then spend your valuable time on other important matters.

Type of Work Performed

AC Electrical
Alarm Systems
Digital Signage
Desktops & Laptops

Fiber Optic Cabling
IoT Devices
Low Voltage Cabling
Point of Sale
POTS Replacement

Security Cameras
Server Support
Structured Cabling
Wifi Heat Mapping


CLOUDWORK|PRO’s marketplace offers two product feature sets for clients, Essentials and Enterprise. These separate offerings provide options for clients regarding cost-effectiveness, scalability, tailored functionality, customer support, and access to advanced features.


For small to medium-sized companies.

  • Complete Work Order Management
  • Quoting Tool
  • Live MMS Messaging
  • Projects and Templates
  • Pricing Insights
  • Full Technician and Company Profiles
  • Technician Rating System
  • Bulk Uploading of Sites and Work Orders
  • Robust API, Webhooks, and SDK
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Task(s) Completion Before WO Approval Submittal


For companies that require expanded features. Learn more about Enterprise features here.

  • Monthly Check-In Meeting with Customer Success
  • Highest Priority Customer Success Assistance
  • Auto-Payment Terms Option
  • Data Center
  • Tech Location Visibility
  • Private Technicians
  • Text Notifications for Site Contacts
  • Video Chat
  • Project Quoting Tool
  • DispatchPro
  • ApprovalPro

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