Enterprise Upgrade for Clients

CLOUDWORK|PRO’s marketplace offers two product feature sets for clients, Essentials and Enterprise. These separate offerings provide options for clients regarding cost-effectiveness, scalability, tailored functionality, customer support, and access to advanced features.

For small to medium-sized companies, the Essentials product provides all the vital features needed to quickly and efficiently manage work orders and technicians.

For large companies, the Enterprise product expands the feature set and customer support in order to meet the needs of large-scale operations.

What’s Included with Enterprise
Discover a whole new level of efficiency with CLOUDWORK|PRO Enterprise, our feature-rich upgrade designed to turbocharge your IT field service management. This exclusive upgrade equips you with a suite of advanced features and unrivaled support, all engineered to streamline your workflow and accelerate your growth.

• Highest priority response and assistance from CWP Customer Success
• Monthly check-in meetings with CWP Customer Success
Additional features engineered to streamline your project management workflow

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Comparison of Essentials and Enterprise Features

Below is a comparison of the two different product feature sets. Please review to see which one fits your needs.





Access to Fully Vetted, Insured and Background Checked Professional Technicians

All technicians on the CLOUDWORK|PRO platform are fully vetted. They go through a one-on-one interview, have passed a background check and carry their own General Liability Insurance.

Customer Success Assistance

Full access to our Customer Success team

Complete Work Order Management

Easily create and manage your work orders and assigned technicians

Kanban Dashboard

Easily view your work orders and understand work loads at a glance.

On-Demand Workforce

Intelligent matching of qualified techs to your specific work order requirements

Quoting Tool

Easily determine how to quote your projects on CLOUDWORK|PRO.

Live MMS Messaging

Communicate in real time with technicians using text and images.

Projects and Templates

Create projects and build templates for work orders in those projects.

Pricing Insights

Get recommendations on what should be charged for jobs based on market averages for similar work orders.

Full Technician and Company Profiles

Perform additional vetting by reviewing the companies and technicians working on your jobs.

Technician Rating System

Share your experience with techs.

Bulk Uploading of Sites and Work Orders

Upload large amounts of sites or work orders at once.

Robust API, Webhooks, and SDK

Easily integrate your FSM, CRM, or custom platform with CLOUDWORK|PRO.

Secure Payment Processing

Industry standard security and payment processing controls. PCI DSS compliant systems.

Monthly Check-In Meeting with Customer Success

Meet monthly with your assigned Customer Success Representative

Highest Priority Customer Success Assistance

Highest priority response and assistance from Customer Success

Auto-Payment Terms Option

Payment terms of 7, 14, 21 or 30 days

Data Center

Full access to all data center reporting and dashboard including emailing of full dashboard and individual reports

Tech Location Visibility

Access your tech’s location from when they are on their way to when they log off the job

Private Technicians

Add your W2 technicians for direct dispatching

Text Notifications for Site Contacts

Text message reminder for your site contacts with technician and job information

Project Quoting Tool

Quote your entire project out on the CWP platform

Video Chat

Talk face-to-face with contract technicians


Bulk dispatch jobs from your dashboard


Bulk approve jobs from your dashboard

Grouped Work Orders

Group work orders and project costs.

Machine Learning (2024)

Innovative integration of machine learning, designed to automate repetitive tasks

Enterprise Upgrade Features

Auto-payment Terms Option
With the enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO, clients are offered the flexibility of choosing their payment terms for each completed job. Unlike the traditional method of paying immediately upon job approval, clients now have the option to defer payment for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, or 30 days after the job is approved.

This feature provides businesses with enhanced financial control and allows them to better manage their cash flow by aligning payments with their own payment cycles. By granting clients the freedom to select a suitable payment timeframe, CLOUDWORK|PRO empowers clients to optimize their financial operations while ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

trusted technician program logo
trusted technician program logo

Data Center
The enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO empowers clients with robust data center capabilities, revolutionizing their data analysis and reporting processes. With this advanced version, clients gain the ability to create visually appealing dashboard graphs that showcase a wide range of metrics. Whether it’s tracking service performance, monitoring key indicators, or analyzing total spend, clients can effortlessly generate insightful reports and dynamic visualizations.

Moreover, Enterprise offers the convenience of scheduled auto-emailing, allowing clients to automatically send individual reports or their entire dashboard to their entire team at regular intervals. This ensures that everyone stays informed, fostering collaboration and enabling data-driven decision-making across the organization. With CLOUDWORK|PRO’s enhanced data center features, clients can unleash the full potential of their data and propel their business towards greater success.

Text Notifications for Site Contacts
The enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO offers clients the convenience of sending text message notifications to their site contacts, providing them with real-time updates when their technician is en route. These text messages not only inform the site contacts about the technician’s arrival but also include essential details such as the technician’s name and picture. By enabling this feature, CLOUDWORK|PRO enhances communication and fosters a sense of familiarity and trust between clients, site contacts, and technicians, ensuring a smooth and efficient service experience.

trusted technician program logo
trusted technician program logo

Tech Location Visibility
The enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO brings a new level of transparency and real-time tracking to clients’ service experience. Now, clients have the ability to view the precise location of their assigned technician from the moment they indicate they are en route to the job site until they log offsite.

This feature eliminates uncertainty and provides clients with peace of mind, knowing exactly when their technician will arrive and when they have completed their tasks. By offering this comprehensive visibility, CLOUDWORK|PRO enables clients to stay informed, make informed decisions, and effectively manage their workflow, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient service delivery process.

Private Technicians
With the enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO, clients gain the flexibility to incorporate their own W2 or private field service technicians into the platform, enabling unlimited dispatching capabilities. This means clients can seamlessly assign jobs to their in-house technicians, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring efficient service delivery.

In cases where clients don’t have their own technicians available in a particular area, the CLOUDWORK|PRO marketplace of skilled technicians can be utilized to get the job done. This dynamic combination of utilizing in-house technicians and accessing a network of professionals guarantees that clients can meet their service demands promptly and effectively, providing them with unparalleled versatility and reliability.

trusted technician program logo
trusted technician program logo

Grouped Work Orders
Clients now have the ability for multiple technicians to be on the same site with various scopes via Grouped Work Orders. This innovative feature empowers our enterprise clients by enabling them to seamlessly group together work orders within a project. With Grouped Work Orders, clients will have real-time access to the total project cost, ensuring budget control and transparency at all times. Additionally, this feature facilitates effortless communication among all technicians involved in the project, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Additional Enterprise Upgrade Features

Project Quoting Tool
Introducing the latest feature of the enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO: the Project Quoting Tool. This powerful tool revolutionizes the way clients estimate project costs and understand technician coverage. By leveraging the capabilities of CLOUDWORK|PRO, clients can now quote their entire project, gaining comprehensive insights into the overall cost. The intuitive interface provides a visual representation of technician coverage, allowing clients to optimize resource allocation and ensure efficient project execution.

Moreover, the Project Quoting Tool goes beyond cost estimation. Clients have the ability to input what they are charging their customers, enabling a deeper understanding of profit margins and overall project profitability. By running their project through the CLOUDWORK|PRO platform, clients can effortlessly analyze and fine-tune pricing strategies, empowering them to make informed business decisions and maximize profitability.

With the Project Quoting Tool integrated into CLOUDWORK|PRO, clients unlock a new level of project management efficiency and financial visibility. Say goodbye to manual calculations and complex spreadsheets, and embrace a streamlined, data-driven approach to project estimation and profitability analysis.

Video Chat
The enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO introduces a powerful feature that enables clients to engage in real-time video chat with their onsite technician. This functionality allows for effective communication, troubleshooting, and collaboration to help enable swift issue resolution. With video chat capabilities, clients can provide visual guidance, clarify instructions, and ensure seamless coordination, ultimately enhancing the quality and efficiency of their service interactions.

In the enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO, clients can leverage the power of bulk dispatching of jobs to the marketplace, streamlining their work order management process. With this feature, clients have the convenience of dispatching multiple work orders to the marketplace at once, saving valuable time and effort. This efficient approach enables clients to quickly connect with available technicians, ensuring prompt service delivery and seamless coordination.

With the enterprise version of CLOUDWORK|PRO, clients gain the advantage of bulk approving work orders, simplifying their workflow management. This feature allows clients to review and approve multiple work orders simultaneously, eliminating the need for individual approvals. By streamlining the approval process, clients can efficiently manage their workload, enhance productivity, and ensure timely completion of tasks.

Machine Learning (2024)
Coming in 2024, you’ll be able to transform the way you manage IT field services with CLOUDWORK|PRO’s cutting-edge machine learning integration. This innovative feature will be meticulously engineered to automate repetitive tasks, thereby significantly reducing your manual workload and increasing operational efficiency. By embracing this advanced technology, you can allocate more time to strategic initiatives, fostering growth and success on our on-demand IT service marketplace.

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