Digital Signage Today Podcast: Diving into the on-demand IT services market

In a Digital Signage Today podcast, Kevin Damask, the editor of Digital Signage Today, talks to Tim Riefke, president of CloudWork Pro, about his company launching into the on-demand services market, the benefits for techs in joining CloudWork Pro, and more.

Riefke is a strategic technology leader specializing in high-growth, venture-backed startups. He started his career in private equity and eventually moved into corporate finance, and for the past decade, has been working exclusively with startup companies.

In the podcast, Riefke discussed several topics, including:

  • With CloudWork Pro entering the competitive on-demand IT services market, how the company will stand out among the crowded marketplace.
  • Riefke goes in-depth on the Trusted Technician Program and if every tech has to go through this process to be approved.
  • The benefits of technicians becoming a trusted tech and joining CloudWork Pro.
  • How innovative the CloudWork Pro platform is.
  • What clients will have to pay to access CloudWork Pro and when it will hit the market.

You can listen to the podcast in its entirety above.