We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a significant update to CLOUDWORK|PRO – a comprehensive enhancement that transforms both our Enterprise and Essentials feature sets. This update isn’t just a step forward; it’s a giant leap, featuring new time-saving functionality, communication and review improvements, and mobile application enhancements tailored to elevate your experience.

Your feedback has been the driving force behind many of these improvements, and we can’t thank you enough for your invaluable contributions. Together, we’ve shaped a more robust, user-friendly, and effective platform. We’re excited for you to explore these new features and enhancements that are now live!

Enterprise Feature – Project Quoting Tool

The CLOUDWORK|PRO platform empowers Enterprise clients with the capability to generate comprehensive project quotes. This functionality enables clients to effortlessly comprehend detailed breakdowns of project costs, total project expenditures, profit, profit margin, and project coverage.

Additionally, the feature incorporates a map layout for visualizing project coverage.  

Enterprise Feature – Video Chat

Enterprise clients can now engage in video chats directly with technicians through the platform, facilitating seamless communication while the technician is actively addressing on-the-job tasks. This enhancement ensures smoother interaction, particularly in challenging troubleshooting scenarios.

Enterprise Feature – Bulk Publishing of Work Orders

Enterprise clients managing substantial volumes of work orders through the CLOUDWORK|PRO platform can now efficiently publish them in bulk directly from their dashboard. Clients can opt for straightforward publishing of work orders or choose to route and publish them.

With work order routing, users can either let CLOUDWORK|PRO automatically select the best technicians to route to or define specific parameters to guide the routing process.

Enterprise Feature – Bulk Approval of Work Orders

Enterprise clients can now streamline their workflow by effortlessly granting bulk approvals for work orders directly from their dashboard. Effortlessly identify work orders ready for approval, then simply select and approve them with just a click of a button, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

Essentials Feature – Bulk Actions & Editing of Work Orders

Clients can efficiently execute a range of actions, including task replacements, document additions, scope of work modifications, and messaging all assigned technicians, across multiple work orders simultaneously, all directly from the dashboard.

Essentials Feature – Technician Search

We’re excited to share that, based on popular demand from our clients, the technician search functionality is now live! Clients can now swiftly search for technicians in a specific area without the need to create a work order. This streamlined process enables clients to efficiently assess coverage and engage with the Customer Success team promptly if there’s limited coverage in a particular area, ensuring quicker and more effective responses.

Essentials Feature – Carousel Viewer

Clients now enjoy a more streamlined experience as they no longer need to open individual work order tasks to view photos added by technicians. The carousel viewer empowers clients to effortlessly scan through all photos associated with a work order, whether attached to a specific task or included as additional images, providing a more efficient and user-friendly way to review visual information.

Essentials Feature – Initiate Messaging with Techs

Clients can now take the lead in initiating message conversations with technicians who apply for work orders or counter-routed work orders. This enhancement ensures swift, documented communication, fostering efficient work order scheduling and coordination with qualified technicians.

More Essentials Features

Site Contacts Added to the Work Order Overview
The work order overview screen now provides a more convenient way to access site contacts.

Enhanced Editing Features for Work Order Notes
Enhanced functionality and flexibility have been seamlessly incorporated into work order Notes, empowering users to effortlessly input notes in their preferred format. This includes the convenience of copying and pasting from other documents or emails while preserving formatting.

Enhanced Experience with Per Hour, Blended, and Per Device Rate Types
The user experience has undergone enhancement when selecting rate types such as per hour, blended, or per device, whether during work order creation or while utilizing the quoting tool.

Time Zone Added to the History of a Work Order
The user’s time zone is now included in the work order history, providing improved clarity on when a history log was added.

Mobile Application Enhancements

Multiple Photo Selection when Adding Photos to a Work Order
Technicians can now enhance their efficiency by selecting multiple photos at once when adding images to a work order.

Biometric Login Functionality
Technicians can now seamlessly access their CLOUDWORK|PRO mobile application with heightened efficiency, utilizing their device’s biometric functionality for swift and secure logins.

Receive Video Calls from Clients while On-site
Technicians can now easily receive video calls from clients while on-site, significantly enhancing troubleshooting capabilities and fostering more effective communication between the technician and the client.

Explore the New Features and Try Enterprise for Free!

CLOUDWORK|PRO has undergone a transformative update, significantly enhancing both our Enterprise and Essentials offerings. We invite you to explore and experience these updates firsthand by checking out the updated platform today!

Current clients, elevate your experience with us by upgrading to Enterprise and unlock the full potential of our latest enhancements. You can upgrade your account for free until the end of 2023, just select the Enterprise Upgrade option within the platform to add these features to your account. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

As we close this update, a special note to new clients thinking about joining CLOUDWORK|PRO: You’re witnessing just the beginning of our Enterprise’s feature set evolution. We have an array of innovative features planned for release in 2024, each designed to make your project management workflow more streamlined and efficient.

To get a glimpse of what the future holds and how these new enhancements can benefit your business, we invite you to sign up for a demo today. Experience firsthand the cutting-edge functionalities that CLOUDWORK|PRO is bringing to the table. Sign up for a demo today and see the future of on-demand IT field service marketplaces!