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CLOUDWORK|PRO releases new on-demand IT Field Services Marketplace

Bend, OR, April 4, 2022, – CLOUDWORK|PRO announces the launch of their new on-demand IT Field Services marketplace that connects companies with top-quality technicians. The new marketplace eliminates fees for IT Field Services technicians, provides access to a dependable workforce, and helps to automate project management tasks for companies.

CLOUDWORK|PRO sets itself apart from other IT Field Services marketplaces by offering zero fees for technicians to access the platform. “Technicians should keep what they earn,”  said Tim Riefke, President of CLOUDWORK|PRO “that’s why we’ve flipped the paradigm of the traditional IT Field Service marketplace model. We believe this shift will help attract top-level talent that our clients can depend on.”

CLOUDWORK|PRO’s Trusted Technician Program was created to ensure that the technicians meet the standards expected when representing clients on the job site and be able to complete the assigned work. “After 17 years building companies in this industry, finding top quality techs is still a major pain point. The Trusted Technician Program is our vetting process where we review a tech’s past work history, skill sets, insurance, and certifications during a one-on-one phone interview. In addition, we require background checks and agreement to our code of conduct. This program ensures that when a client deploys a technician, they’ll be properly represented on the job site.” Said Mike Mudd, CEO, and founder of CLOUDWORK|PRO. 

CLOUDWORK|PRO has been built from the ground up to streamline project management tasks and strengthen communications between both clients and technicians. One of the time-saving advancements is called Your On-Demand Workforce™, which greatly reduces the time to find and select technicians with work orders. “By using the data from our comprehensive tech vetting process and the platform’s proprietary matching algorithms, the platform can quickly build a custom on-demand workforce for clients at any scale”, said Tim Riefke. The platform also offers instant messaging and automated 24-hour confirmation notifications for clients and technicians so everyone is synced for success.

If you are a company looking for dependable IT field technicians or an IT Field Services technician looking for a platform that doesn’t nickel and dime you with fees, then consider joining CLOUDWORK|PRO’s on-demand IT Field Services marketplace. For companies looking for a scalable on-demand field services team, please request a demo of the platform. For technicians, CLOUDWORK|PRO’s mobile app is now available for download on the Apple store and Google Play store

CLOUDWORK|PRO’s mission is to revolutionize the on-demand workforce for the IT Services industry by providing a marketplace for companies to easily source and hire highly skilled and qualified technicians. CLOUDWORK|PRO accomplishes this by creating an intelligent field service management platform that makes sourcing, deploying, communicating, and paying techs as simple as clicking a button.